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Issue 21, Poesía, Featured | October 2017


The Open

       (“in which every being is freed”)
       after Rilke
To not reach  –  my arms ex-

tending, emptied  –  
       you soared 

to die, then be re-

vived.  One second 
       I was bringing 
              you coffee,

then erupted / pain took == you

would not talk just dis-
       appeared into ==
              I tried calling
you back == as you left everything.


I followed the distant siren, 

flashing light, 
       abruptly shorn /
              of you: in mortal

danger, you the subject of my (loss
of) faith that we for-
       ever could companion,  
              alone together == I now en-

trusted to the scattering of  ==


Chance: you left for ER / 

you did not 
== stop for Death ==
       Your first words:

If I had died I’d be at peace.
What could I say? 
       After great pain, 
              the feet like  

stone don’t lift, then the letting-go? 

But you didn’t.
       Storms sun-struck 
              spun like gold birds 

when Hope forthwith furled: 

the necessary angle of mind 
       instantly to un-

n.b. epigraph from Heidegger, who was, according to Giorgio 
Agamben, from whose The Open: Man and Animal I’ve 
drawn this quotation and title, inspired by Rilke eighth Duino 
The Open