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Issue 16, Poesía | August 2015


Sounds of the Sea & Memory


                                                                                               you    an eagle   
                                                                         streaked 	    silver

                         early morning 
                                                        the jungle’s whiskers bristle 


    the human body is perfect    for walking running lovemaking	 
                                                                                  if loved well    we will live forever

                                                             resplendent as the baritone blue sea

       indestructible  a centenarian oak   an undecipherable crystal
unparalleled in vigor   persuasive 
as a typhoon



              an island    
                                      the balmy air  
                                                                                    i am swimming alone

		                                           but for a tiny crab

	                              i wake to tell of the dream

                            do waves tire	      	        the waves of your hand?


the waters are turquoise  blue as eyes     iridescent trees exfoliate energy

                                                              cliffs higher than churches  tall as skyscrapers

                             a bird crows  macaws  multi-colored   fly over coast  hinterland

      to see what is underneath    gaining momentum to move forward           

merge    your electricity  mine   
inhaling the freshness of the jungle    
                                                         ocean water the sea splashing our souls 
we are ourselves in the translucent white 
                                                              sand  diaphanous blue     under turquoise 
                skies  in salt water  drawing 
                                                                              energy from the world   giving it back 


the cats are angular  famished
                                           birds strut proud of their prints
                            cicadas drone in brown & green scales
      the magnolias’ scent cracks open the two worlds

      		                                  a sparrow     macaw     black butterfly
                              on a cliff that climbers have died for
      a leaf drops	at the hint of a thought

                                                                                        waves		 all night


                             crystal-like  wait for the signs  receive energy from plants                       
                            & sun   speak the language of cats & tortoises   lizards &
                            rain   clouds & leaves   the language of moons & stars   
                            dragon’s wings   their shadows


                                                sickle moon     midpoint in the sky

                                                            sun in the east      limestone cliffs

				                                                     right  & left

                                 the sea    lucid blue-green

                                                         tepid waters		


the ocean escapes the world   the world escapes around her   she is a gigantic mouth that swallows boats    people   sand  octopuses  sharks    fish of all nationality   arms & feet        by her   civilization floats or drowns  the lucky few who listen to her survives


                                  a fetal flower you enter

                                                                  like a dragon 
                                                    you fly

                                                            the sound of memory 
                            outlasts water



 				 amber scales   tooth & enamel   fitting perfectly    

      you are silky   purposeful   thighs laterally efficient   
                                                                                            navel against navel


                                                             between seasons

                                   nightly waves 
                                                                      stir coconuts to lift
                                                                                                           & fall

                                  a spathe              & stillness


sea silence   jungle silence   heart silence    plethora of wills submerged in silence   

hum of silence  distilled in a vat  disorderly secretions  silences of others’ 
sage silence of stone & crystals   slow silence of candlelight    silence of roses    ants sleeping  silence of palm protecting coconut   silence of your lips 

silence of the moment after  


                           the distance between us measured 

                                                                         by balsam breaths

                          by vibrations in our veins



for days we listen to the jungle’s breathing  i listen to yours   you listen to mine

 		 listen to the breathing of plants  planets   solar systems 

sparrows & crows come & go—where do they come from   where do they go?  ducks from which country?  which hemispheres?  

listen to my heart  its tides beating 		listen


                                                            the veil 
                                                                     of a mosquito net

                             admitting a mosquito

                                                limestone cliffs	 a climber scales

							under net 

                            the promise 
                                                              of your nectar  

                                                              water bellows    over-running 


                              the first 
                              & last 

Sounds of the Sea & Memory