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Poesía, Issue 8 | December 2012



thunderbird inn

50’s motor inn across from the greyhound station

i’m too afraid to sleep in a tent alone

today I rode for hours down highway 78

american flags ten commandments signs fireworks stands

i said ‘how are you’ to a man who worked

at a Christian thrift store and he just chanted

‘god is good’

i said ‘yes’ and bought a pair of two dollar sunglasses

the two dollars will be used to help Christian drug addicts

and then it was hours on the interstate

wal-mart home depot mcdonald’s

a waffle house waitress sang ‘don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby’

while she cooked but it was the luther vandross version not the carpenters’

i heard her say

the song I think is called ‘superstar’

then I saw a billboard that said jesus love you

no ‘s’

i’ll call tomorrow,