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Issue 16, Poesía | August 2015


Mandelbrot’s Plot

The blue cigarette boat was virtually floating
above the pond, skating faster than
the traffic to the west on the new I-20 speedway,
the boat crazily shifting into its own plough-line
and the big wind, exploding
just beneath the setting sun
like a pure chaotic sigil of egg yolk—
the burning boat and sun folding
into a niche of green hills
like an Egyptian cipher for fire
spreading through wharves and warehouses
along the Nile 
in a year that followed a minor famine.
I was eleven—this is exactly how I 
described it to my smaller brother
who ran over to the well
jumping into it as though
logic dictated it. The police 
wrung him dry with a scolding
that is also still remembered
even in neighboring villages.
Mandelbrot’s Plot