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Issue 19, Poesía | September 2016


Jane Says

Jane says she’s leaving Sergio in Boston and starting a new life in Providence.

Jane says Lacan is right: We’re doomed to the arc of romantic love–the intense role-playing at the outset, the wonder at discovering our soul mate, followed by bitter disappointment.

Jane says she’s chronic.

Jane says she loves the illusion, hates the reality.

Jane says this hangnail is driving her nuts.

Jane says Providence is beautiful this time of year—gray, rainy, cold.

Jane says punk is dead again.

Jane says punk likes being dead because then it can rise from the ashes again.

Jane says punk is dead when people thinks it’s alive and alive when people think it’s dead.

Jane says she’s embarrassed by my car and I should sideswipe something quick so we can tape a black garbage bag over her window.

Jane says Napoleon was way cooler than people give him credit for. He was stylish in defeat. What more could you want in a man?

Jane says in two weeks her unemployment runs out and she’ll probably have to sell her body.

Jane says I should get in on the sale early, before the diseases move in.

Jane says unless she can make the rent on what her parents send her.

Jane says she lived in Providence for three months in 2007, but left when her boyfriend signed a major label deal.

Jane says his punk band turned slick and she stopped trusting him.

Jane says CEOs are dyeing their hair purple now.

Jane says she’s vegan and a vampire.

Jane says that’s been difficult.

Jane says if you turn here, you come out by the Brown University bookstore.

Jane says there’s a homeless guy with a boombox on this street who paints himself silver and thinks he can do the robot. It’s pathetic and hilarious, we should stop.

Jane says it’s a metaphor for love.

Jane says we should get together, we could skip straight to bitter disappointment. It’ll be great.

Jane says we can start throwing things right away.

Jane says we can move out before we move in together.

Jane says it’ll be groundbreaking.

Jane says she’s not really going to trick herself out, it’s just a ploy to extort rent money from her parents.

Jane says her parents live in Newport and they get squeamish when she moves to Providence.

Jane says all of her friends are trying to look like they’re already dead.

Jane says if you drop me here, I’ll hold that parking place for you and you can circle the block.

Jane slaps her black boots and says anybody trying to take the parking spot will get one of these up his ass.

Jane says okay it’s your gas.

Jane says we could circle all day.

Jane says she did acid once and spent the night vomiting in a bathtub.

Jane says she drinks Laphroaig out of a paper bag. Makes her feel bougie and righteous at the same time.

Jane says she’s through with manarchy.

Jane says she’s moving in with a chick and joining the new feminarchy movement.

Jane says of course you haven’t heard of it, I just made it up.

Jane says life sucks and then you swim upstream to spawn.

Jane says thanks for the ride.

Jane says you’re cute I wish you were twenty years younger.

Jane says could you spare a few bucks?

Jane says are you going to eat the other half of that Subway?

Jane Says