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Issue 16, Cualquiera | August 2015


A Note from the Editor

The summer solstice slid by on June 19th; towards the end of June, a spectacular conjunction of Venus & Jupiter could be seen in the western sky just after sunset (some astronomers believe this may have been the fabled “Star of Bethlehem”); July 1st brought the first of two full moons in July; on July 6th, Earth was at aphelion, the farthest distance from the Sun; and on July 31st, a blue moon, the second of two full moons in a calendar month, which occurs approximately every 2 & 1/2 years.

Things continue apace down here on this ball of confusion & the lasy year has been a good one for all of us here at Hinchas. With our Fall issue (#14) we celebrated 5ive years on-line where we featured a galaxy of outstanding poets & writers, friends old & new including, among others, Cynthia Hogue, Greg Simon, Laura Jenkins, Norman Dubie, James Cervantes, Michael Alan Parker, Campbell McGrath … (FICCTION?)

On the heels of our five year celebration, Chip Livingston joined us to serve as guest editor for Hinchas #15. Chip did a marvelous job & put together our largest &, I think it safe to say, by far our most diverse issue yet, with 40 contributors joining the fray, many of them affiliated in one way or another with the Institute of American Indian Arts, a program that sees many talented & accomplished writers. Our featured poet was Kenward Elmslie about whom you can read more in Chip’s collection of stories & essay, Naming Ceremony, where Elmslie, in a series of linked stories, is simply referred to as “the senior poet.” We want to thank Chip again for all the hard work & time he put into bringing these various voices together in the pages of Hinchas.

Speaking of guest editors, I am extremely pleased to announce that my long-time friend, mentor, cohort & fellow traveller, an extraordinary poet in his own right, Jim Cervantes, has agreed to serve as guest editor for our forthcoming Fall issue. Cervantes started his apprenceticeship at the University of Washington, moved on to the Writers Workshop at Iowa & subsequently moved on to publish & edit two literary journals —Porch & The Salt River Review.

Also of note is the release of a new anthology, edited by James Cervantes: In Like Company: The Salt River Review & Porch Anthology, an anthology unlike most others in that in that you won’t see the same 12 poets who seem to be unendingly antholgized ad nauseum, an exciting & eclectic collection, available on-line from Mad Hat Press (Asheville, North Carolina). You can read more about this outstanding anthology in our next issue.

Which brings us to the last order of business. Frank Dixon Graham, editor of The Tule Review, has asked Hinchas to join in co-hosting a reading this September 4th at the Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland. In a recent press release Frank referred to The Tule Review and Hinchas as “two of the more intriguing journals in California” & we’re pleased to be joining The Tule Review at this event. Join us, won’t you. Could be a hoot.

With any luck at all, we’ll see you at the AWP in LA next March.


Jim Heavily
Sacramento, CA
2 August, 2015

A Note from the Editor