Jessica Ceballos

El Reverse

Some things rise and fall
with the stillness of
a roller coaster.
Turn it around
Break it apart
Shuffle the deck.
Arbre los ojos
to what happens
cuando el mundo
esta al reves.
Stillness isn’t a virtue.
Things don’t happen
Until we move the variables.
Hasta que encontremos ese algo especial,
that something that changes everything.
And things will rise and fall again,
And she’ll wear rainbow-filled glasses.


El mar, la tierra, nuestros hogares,
nuestros amores…

The rocks that dance with the waves
share the imprint of memories
with the whole of the world.
With each ebb and flow,
a new rock is born to the land.
Some stay a while,
while others return from where they came.
We too learn to dance, smile and embrace
Our memories that linger,
from one place to the next.